For Post Operative Patients :

Download Post Operative Patient Information

For New Patients:

All Patients are required to complete a New Patient Information Form prior to appointment.

Complete an Online New Patient Information form.


This is a PRIVATE BILLING Practice and the Fees are charged based on AMA recommendations.

Initial and Subsequent Consultation costs are provided in an email that is sent when an appointment is made.
All patients will be provided with a written Quote for any proposed surgery that they may require.

Payment in FULL is REQUIRED ON the DAY of your Consultation. We can submit your A/C to Medicare on your
behalf. The Item numbers & Costs may vary depending on your Examination at the time of the Consult

Failure to attend an Appointment without having canceled it with the Rooms at least 24 hours prior, may attract a $100 fee which is not
claimable through Medicare.


If you have a Colposcopy, Biopsy or any other Pathology carried out at your Consultation, you will receive a separate Pathology A/C via the
mail. This will be partly claimable through Medicare.


We will require a CURRENT REFERRAL LETTER from your GP or Specialist prior to your Appointment.

  • From your GP – this will last “12 months”
  • From your GP – You can ask them for “Indefinite” Referral
  • From a Specialist – this will only last “3 months”